Hilco’s team has a unique cumulative understanding of the metals marketplace that enables us to deliver the most holistic creative solutions possible. The net result is more value to the customer. In fact, with our acquisition of one of North America’s largest steel mills at Sparrows Point, we risked our own capital based on the strength of our total market knowledge.

Hilco has valued machinery, equipment, inventory and intangible assets in more than 3500 metal production and fabrication facilities in 18 countries.

Hilco’s team can serve you in every aspect of the metal value equation.

Our expertise is built on unparalleled industry knowledge, unmatched information, and 20 years of real world experience in industry appraisals and disposition services. We invite you to contact one of our team leaders today.

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Hilco’s “Added Value” promise to you

  1. The industry’s most reliable gross and net liquidation values with clear and accurate exit strategies.
  2. Modeling WIP conversion to finished goods in order to maximize value (when applicable).
  3. Customized user-defined appraisal reports and pinpoint delivery of reports on promise dates.
  4. Recommendations on best practices for post-appraisal collateral monitoring to help recognize the early warning signs of declining values.
  5. A designated “Point Person” on every engagement in order to deliver the best holistic solutions, efficient communication, and quality control.

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